For most of our residential customers, our Magnetic Air turbine is the ideal solution to generate your own power.  With the residential customer in mind, our standard 4.5 kW turbine can generate enough power to sustain an average single-family home and produce approximately 1 MWh per month with an average wind speed of 12 mph.  Multiple turbines can be used to generate enough power to sustain any size home.

The turbine should be placed on the highest point of the house or on a mono-pole next to the house where the turbine is above the house and above any trees that may block air flow to the turbine.

Many homes around the world have a fireplace and a chimney on their roof.  Data shows that the majority of these fireplaces are never lit on fire.  As it turns out the top of the chimney is an ideal place to place our turbine.  The chimney acts as the structural support for the turbine and the turbine can be painted in brick color to blend in as part of the chimney.  Inside the house where the fireplace use to be, is now a modern control unit for the turbine.

Property Value

Our wind turbines will significantly improve your resale value.  Most home buyers understand what a home with renewable energy means—especially because the system is already in place and they didn’t have to make the initial investment and pay for installation costs.  According to research, most homeowners see a $10,000 resale value increase per kilowatt installed. That means if you install our 4.5 kilowatt system, you could improve your home’s resale value by nearly $45,000.

Net metering allowed me to use my turbine for power and even sell power back!
— Bob Newsack

What is Net Metering?

Your wind turbine will generate power throughout the day whether you are using it or not. If you are using power at the time it is being generated, then you will be using power directly from the turbine. However, if you are not utilizing the power generated then this power goes through your meter and into the electricity grid thereby reversing your meter. You will be giving electricity and taking electricity from the grid throughout the year, based on the average generation listed below for your area you can easily end the year paying zero electricity cost.

Will it be Enough Power?

Average Household Power

Magnetic Air Power Generation

United States:
12,000 kWh / Year

Magnetic Air 4.5 kW System - 12,000 kWh / Year
(Based on 12 mph average wind speed)

8,000 kWh / Year

Magnetic Air 4.5 kW System - 8,670 kWh / Year
(Based on 10.07 mph average wind speed)

2,000 kWh / Year

Magnetic Air 2 kW System - 2,450 kWh / Year
(Based on 8.83 mph average wind speed)

I don’t know when it’s working, I just know my power company doesn’t ask me for money...
— John Beluga

Energy Independence

By investing in Magnetic Air power generation systems you will no longer rely on the national grid for your electricity. We will protect you against unpredictable increases in utility prices and Time-of-Use Rates (TOU), so you can enjoy free electricity all year around. The wind will never increase its rates and you gain energy security even when storms cause power outages.  Once you have our wind turbine operating, you’ve reached an energy-independent status. Every step towards independence, from owning a home to controlling your energy, gives you the freedom to make additional choices about how you live and own your own life.  Purchasing Magnetic Air wind turbine for your home is a way to invest in yourself and your family and makes a big statement showing how you choose to spend–and consume–your resources.