Micro-Grid Generation


wind farms of the future delivered today!

What is a micro-grid?

Micro-grids are power distribution networks that operate either independently of the main transmission system or have limited power supply from the main system.  Micro-grids are normally located in remote or rural areas and typically use small diesel generators to supply power within the network.  Micro-grids generally have high electricity prices due to high operating costs of small diesel generators caused by low efficiencies and high cost of fuel and its transportation to location.  Magnetic Air turbines can supply dependable power to micro-grids while substantially decreasing and even eliminating the use of diesel generators.


Need power for your micro-grid co-operative?

The average power consumption of a co-operative in the United States is approximately 10 MWh per month.   Based on location, it would take approximately 10 of our 4.5 kW Magnetic Air turbines to generate this demand.  The cost savings for the co-operative would be substantial because within a few years the turbines will pay for themselves and then the co-ops power is nearly free for the next 25+ years.