Be powerful with magnetic air turbines

What is a micro-utility?

A micro-utility is any entity that generates small amounts of power and sells it locally to end-users near the generation site.  It can function similarly to a standard utility however a micro-utility is not required to go through an expensive, long and tedious approval process.   This is because it normally only has a few to a few hundred customers.


Who can be a micro-utility?

A micro-utility can be a farmer who wants to generate more revenue from their farm land or a building owner who wants to capitalize on his unused roof-space.  It can even be home owner with a water front property.  

With Magnetic Air turbines you can be a micro-utility and its easier than you think.  Use 10 or more turbines to generate 100 MWh to 10 GWh annually based on your demand and location.    

Live on an Island?

Power is normally expensive on islands because it is generated using diesel generators which cost over $0.35 USD/kWh.  Islands generally have high wind speeds which make them ideal for wind power generation.  Due to the high wind power output of such locations, our turbines will pay for themselves within a few years and after that they will generate free renewable energy for 20+ years which can be sold at prices under or over the market rate.