Hotels & Resorts


Why Polute your oasis?

Our wind power turbines give you the peace of mind knowing that you are not paying the energy company to burn countless fossil fuels into the air. Helping the environment keeps your own oasis around much longer! Hotels and resorts are the ideal users for our wind turbines.  This is because hotels have several floors in the building, and the more floors they have the higher the average wind speed that can be sustained on its roof.  Resorts are commonly located on water front sites where water waves bring in highly sustainable winds all year around.  Whether on the roof of a 20-floor building or on the beach, average wind speeds will allow these businesses to generate not only the power they consume, but much more power that can be sold back to the electricity grid.

Average Hotel Case Study

Based on USA monthly estimates.

20,000 kWh

Hotel Electricity Usage:
(monthly average)

Monthly Electricity Cost ($.15 / kWh):


25,000 kWh

10 Magnetic Air Units Output:
(based on 15 mph average wind)


Monthly Cost of Magnetic Air System:
(based on 78 Month Financing
with 30% Federal Tax Credit)

Money Saved in first month: $1,080
Money Saved in first year: $12,960
Money Saved Every Single Year after 7th year: $36,000
Total Money Saved in first 7 years total: $120,240

No Wind?

Hotels & Resorts have some of the largest HVAC Exhaust emissions of any industry. Please see our HVAC Exhaust Air Recycling page for information on how we can recycle your HVAC Exhaust and generate power with no natural wind.