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1 Magnetic Air WIND TURBINE can produce more power than 25 Solar Panels while also only using 1/25 of the space.
Wind power Can be harvested 24 hours per day while solar power is limited by sunlight between 5-9 hours per day.


Hyper Efficient Wind Turbine Power Generation



Rated Power Output Capacity: Available in 4.5 kW (110V or 220V at 50Hz or 60Hz in Single Phase or Three Phase)


55” (140 cm) Turbine Blade
88” (224 cm) Including Standalone Electronics

Width & Length
32” (82 cm)

297 lbs (134kg) Standalone with Electronics
377 lbs (171kg) with 2 Batteries


No Gears
No Pollution
No Vibrations
No Fuel Costs
Automatic Start
Easy Installation
Compact Design
Magnetic Braking
Low Maintenance
Solar Hybrid Ready
Color Customization
All Weather Resistant
Quiet Operation < 10dB
25 Year Limited Warranty
Shipped Fully Assembled
Near Zero-Heat Coefficient
No Radio/Satellite Interference
Can Operate Around the Clock
High Efficiency Electronic Components
Perimeter Vortex Barrier (Bird Friendly)
On-Grid / Off-Grid with Battery Backup
100% Aluminum Frame and Wind Blades
Brush-less Alternator (No Electric Sparks)
Ground + Rooftop + Mono-Pole Applications


Our Magnetic Air wind turbine is a high-efficiency renewable electricity generation unit.  Its high-efficiency is rooted in our patented turbine design that allows the turbine’s wind blades to rotate on magnetic flux created by powerful fixed neodymium magnets.  The magnets’ opposite polarities cause the turbine blades to be suspended in air while they rotate.  The magnetic levitation creates a near zero-resistance environment for the main shaft, which not only makes the turbine completely silent, but it also allows it to achieve unprecedented power output and a conversion efficiency 24% greater than wind turbines using ball-bearings.  This enables our turbine to generate power at lower wind speeds, spin much faster, and generate more power than a standard wind turbine.  It also means that its power output can be sustained for longer periods of time and at more locations around the world.


Our turbine housing is made from durable sandblasted aluminum, with either a powder coated or anodized finish which makes the unit resistant to debris, water, snow and ice.   The wind blades have no moving parts, so they require no maintenance.  Unlike any other commercial-grade wind turbine available on the market, our turbine is shipped to customers fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box.  We stand behind our product and its durability and offer a 25-year limited warranty.


Normally fuel power generators act as a backup power source to the primary power coming from the power grid. With Magnetic Air, you generate the primary power and use the power grid as the backup to your power. Stay in control of your power!


Global Warming has been an imminent danger to our planet and our lives, by using energy supplied by nature we can reduce and one day eliminate this threat.  The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms that average global temperatures have risen 0.85 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution. That may not sound like a lot, but even the smallest rise in average temperatures result in significant changes to our planet's climate. This causes global catastrophes such as rising water levels and disastrous weather events.  If we want to leave the planet in a fit state for future generations, then we need to clean up our act by going Net-Zero in our homes & businesses.


Thanks to its innovative design, our turbine is smaller and lighter than conventional turbines.  It has a gross weight of only 377 lbs. (171 Kg) including 2 batteries.  Its dimensions are 88 in (224 cm) by 32 in (82 cm) by 32 in (82 cm). Its relatively light weight and small size makes it easy to use on the ground or install on a roof, mono-pole or other application.  

What about the birds?

Birds frequently fly into the propellers of conventional wind turbines resulting in terrible injuries and animal cruelty. Because of its compact vertical-axis cylindrical design, the Magnetic Air turbine’s blades create a vortex pressure barrier around the turbine perimeter. This vortex is very easily detected by birds insuring their safety, which facilitates EPA approvals where applicable. Additionally, in standard propeller wind turbines birds cannot see the long propellers rotating and may fly into them.  With our Magnetic Air vertical axis wind turbines there are no propellers and the turbines are easily visible to birds and therefore easily avoidable like any other object.

Why Wind?

One of the benefits of wind power over solar power is that the wind can generate power 24 hours a day since it is not dependent on sunlight.  Wind energy is therefore much more reliable compared with solar and even works during cloudy, rainy or snowy days. Wind energy is more efficient than solar because the system uses less energy to manufacture while also releasing less emissions. Magnetic Air is so efficient that just 1 wind turbine can generate the same amount of electricity in kWh as 25 solar panels while also maintaining 1/25 of the spacial footprint.

Be Efficient!

Transmitting power from power plants across extensive transmission and distribution networks to get to your home or business inevitably results in significant line loss which is a cause of high prices from energy companies.  When your power is coming directly from your property, the line loss is negligible, so no energy is wasted, and you become efficient!

Why Should You Buy a Magnetic Air?

Millions of residential, commercial, utility and government entities around the globe can benefit from using our wind turbine products.  Our current Magnetic Air models are ideal for end-users who want to generate their own power.   Our turbine’s high-efficiency coupled with its compact design makes wind power generation a more feasible and practical solution for everyone than ever before.  You should buy our wind turbines if you:


1. Want to go off-grid?

2. Have unreliable grid power?

3. Need power at a remote site?

4. Want to increase your profits?

5. Want to sell renewable energy?

6. Want to stop paying for electricity?

7. Are paying too much for grid power?

8. Want a sustainable renewable energy solution?

9. Want to help reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet?

10. Want to take advantage of renewable energy incentives in your country?

11. Are you spending too much on fuel (diesel/petrol) to power your generator?

12. Are you tired of regular maintenance and breakdown of your generator?


We encourage you to meet your power demands using Magnetic Air, the world’s most efficient commercial-grade wind turbine renewable power generation system.

Power Output

Our turbine’s power output increases with wind speed. At 7 mph the wind blades start spinning and at 10 mph the alternator starts generating power; rated power output of 4.5 kW is obtained at 34 mph and automatic magnetic braking kicks in at 65 mph. Based on average annual wind speeds of 18 mph, our single 4.5 kW turbine will supply the power demands of an average size household with an annual load 12 MWh. When more power is required, multiple turbines can be used together to generate the required demand.  The power output will vary based on the air speed and air density in your area.

Wind Power Map

Using our Power Curve above, you can look at the wind map below for your areas wind speed, direction and forecast. This information can tell you the instant power generation capacity for your location. Drag to move map to your area, Click to select any point for more details.

Changing The Way You Power

One renewable product for multiple real world applications.