Disaster Relief Power


When disaster strikes, you need immediate off-grid distributed power generation.

Natural disasters are increasing at an alarming rate because of global warming.  Recent natural disasters are more severe then ever before and can take several years to recuperate from.  Normally, the first thing that goes out during a natural disaster is power.  Usually, heavy winds, heavy rains or even severe snow storms can cause distribution power lines to go down.  During hurricanes even, entire transmission lines can break.  When the transmission and distribution lines are down, there is no power in the area that needs relief.  Though power is the first thing you need to redevelop, power may not return in that area for several months to even years based on the amount of damage.  The only practical solution in a disaster area is distributed generation.  However, standard forms of distributed generation such as fuel generators require fuel which may not be accessible or financially feasible for a prolonged amount to time.  

Our turbine is light weight and can be carried through a disaster site to the end-user.  It comes with two 12 Volt batteries included for power storage and has two 110/220 watt power sockets directly mounted on the frame for immediate power supply to any local device.  Additionally, our turbine can be used by the customer to generate free renewable power long after their power is restored.

Magnetic Air turbines are the most practical distributed power generation system to provide disaster relief.