After looking at all the information for so many options, the best solution was clearly Magnetic Air
— rick lowery

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

  1. Too Many Parts
    A single solar panel contains 60 fragile solar cells and a 4.5 kW system contains 1,500 cells.  That means there are at least 1,500 problems you can have with the performance of the system at any time. The thousands of soldering points used to connect cells are thin, fragile and very susceptible to warping from excessive heat from the sun.

  2. Fragile
    Solar panels are made of fragile glass which can break quickly from hail storms, freezing rain or even by flying debris during wind gust of over 40 MPH.

  3. Degradation
    Solar cells have an efficiency degradation of over 1.3% annually and to maintain the same level of power output over time, owners have to add additional solar panels to their system.

  4. Maintenance
    Without routine cleaning, solar panels degrade very quickly because debris along with slightly acidic rain on the surface slowly corrodes the glue/rubber seals adhering the glass to the frame.  Then moisture seeps into the solar panel and causes panel failure.

  5. Single Fault System Failures
    Solar cells within the panel are placed in series, if any cell stop working, the whole solar panel substantially decreases power output.  Similarly, solar panels are placed in series and if one solar panel goes down, then the entire system will substantially decrease power output. In most cases a drop in voltage cause by any such failure will cause the power inverter to fail.

  6. Low Quality Control
    Lower solar panel prices directly indicate a lower quality product.

  7. Low Life
    The average life expectancy of a current solar panels is under 12 years. 

Solar Energy ended up costing me a lot and my return on investment was no where in sight because I would always need to purchase 60% of my electricity from the power company.
— jim sparks

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Other Wind Turbines

  1. Resistance

    Turbine propellers are normally held in place by a very large main ball bearing which cause substantial resistance to the rotation of the turbine rendering it very inefficient.

  2. Maintenance

    The main ball bearing needs replacement every 3 years, which requires the expense of a crane to take the propeller off of the turbine to replace the ball bearing.

  3. Hazardous

    If the main bearing is not properly lubricated it will melt.  If that happens the propeller blades will be projected off the turbine and on to the ground which can be very dangerous.

  4. Many Moving Parts

    Normally the turbine has a dozen moving parts that need routine replacement, including gear box, high speed and low speed shaft, yaw drive, yaw motor, pitch angle, the rotor, and brake.

  5. Not Practical

    Permit requirements, complicated installation coupled with frequent maintenance causes this to be a highly impractical proposition.

  6. Loud
    Very high audible emissions which are greater than 40 dB(A) in many cases even at far distances from the turbine.

It took us 8 months to get permits and fulfill land requirement laws to install our old propeller turbine and we had to rent a crane 2 separate times just for inspections.
— Barbra D.