Communication Tower Power


Backup, Stay-Up, Keep Talking!

Communication towers require constant power to operate.  Based on the amount and type of data being transmitted from the tower, the tower’s power demand ranges from 2kW to 8kW.  By regulation all towers have to have a backup power generating capacity for emergency communications if the power grid fails.  This power back up uses between four to sixteen 12 Volt batteries, depending on the load.  We can generate this power using one or two of our Magnetic Air turbines.


Forget about the huge diesel fuel transportation costs to your remote or off-grid towers.  Gain grid independence for all communication towers. Grid failures are no problem. Our wind turbines work optimally when mounted on a high elevation because the average wind speed increases with elevation.  This means that the user gets a more reliable and stable wind power generation system and the ROI can be decreased with higher mounting height.  Unlike competitor wind turbines, our turbines don’t interfere with satellite or radio signals and were designed to be used for this purpose in mind.