Building Development Power


They’ll choose you because you chose us.

As businesses turn to building developers applying renewable & efficient buildings technologies, we offer a new way for developers to rise above the crowd. A powerful solution to combat high operating costs of electricity.  Using wind turbine power generators on all of the buildings developed will increase building value for both the developer and buyer or renter. Let us help them choose you by choosing us to start spinning your power today!

Why Building Developers?

Because you build big! A taller building will have faster wind speeds on the roof, along with a higher frequency of air flow than compared to ground level, making them ideal for power generation. Each 4.5 turbine will generate between 24 MWh to 40 MWh per year given the location of the site.  Multiple turbines can be placed next to each other to increase power output.  Imagine 50 turbines placed on the perimeter of your buildings roof to generate over 1GWh per year, sufficient enough to power 100% of many buildings. Developers also get huge tax incentives for building these new age efficient and self sustaining buildings!

No Wind?

Please see our HVAC Exhaust Air Recycling page for information on how we can recycle your HVAC Exhaust and generate power with no natural wind.