Agricultural Energy


Moo-ney Matters!

In the United States of America an average farm uses 2,000 kWh/month, which is equal to the approximate consumption of two average households.  The average operating profit margin for small to mid size farms is less than 11%. After using fully renewable energy for power the profit margin of your farm can increase, allowing you to reinvest in the farm beyond maintenance. The power usage at a farm varies by farm, but generally includes feeding equipment, watering equipment, milk cooling, vacuum pumps, water heaters, ventilation equipment and lighting. Getting by on the farm can be a way of the past, Magnetic Air can get you ahead and keep your advantage.

Location. Location. Location.

Is your farm in the city? They never are, and sometimes you have needs that require off grid power. Your new Magnetic Air system can be installed anywhere with even an average 5 mph wind speed to fill all of your remote needs. Some areas of your farm may be completely inaccessible to grid power. You will love our Magnetic Air so much that you may also become a wind farmer!

USDA Rural Energy Program:
25% Grant & 75% Loan Guarantee

Program Status: Open
Federal Register Notice: PDF | Amendment: PDF
Program Fact Sheet: PDF
Applications for Grants of $20,000 or Less | Guaranteed Loan/Grant of $20,000 or Less Combo Applications

No More Bills.

Tired of opening the mail and having to pay the power company every month? After you start spinning your own power any surplus power generated makes the power company owe you. We can’t help you with your other bills, but you can look forward to never paying your electric company again!